What is a baby mattress?

When Basic equipment for the baby is to pay attention to a lot. Especially the furnishing of the nursery plays a big role in the planning of the expectant parents. If the bed has been selected for purchase, it is up to you to choose the baby bed mattress.

For this purpose, there are special baby mattresses, which have the ideal dimensions for a baby bed frame and are also tailored to the needs of the baby by the preparation and quality. With the right baby mattress, not only will your child have a comfortable and peaceful sleep experience. You too, as a parent, can benefit from this if you do not have to put the baby back in position at night and weigh it to sleep. Above all, the optimal sleeping situation guarantees a better night’s sleep for your little one.

Since cots can be found in the wide range in various shapes and sizes, there are also the baby mattresses in accordance with different designs, which differ in terms of dimensions, hardness, manufacturers, and equipment.

Advantages at a glance

There are alternatives to everything, but proven, safe and compared is always the best option. If you also agree, you will find in our baby mattresses comparison of your questions, as we have taken different, proven models under the microscope. So that you know at all, why the baby bed mattress should be part of the standard equipment of each household with growth, we offer you here a brief overview of the benefits.


  • Comfortable, safe sleep experience for the baby
  • available in many different versions
  • suitable for the individual needs of your child
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • can be flexibly used as a play or cuddly meadow during the day

Among other things, this standard specifies the ball test, which tests the hardness of the mattress surface. The ball symbolizes the child’s head and must not sink to the edge of a template with a hole. If the ball sinks to the template, the baby mattress is too soft and the risk of sudden infant death is increased. Newborns could, especially in prone position, sink into the mattress and thus obstruct the airways since so small children cannot lift their heads independently, that would be fatal. Visit our website and Find a comfortable bed for you at Bestmattress-brand.org.